Pizza is friendly food, meant to be shared with family, friends, coworkers, and with your team.

When pizza is made right, it is joy in the round. It is a social experience just waiting to happen. And what better to share than a pizza that is handmade from the best ingredients?

Out there in the one-slice-fits-all world, there are all kinds of phony pizzas. It is easy to be confused by pizzas that pretend to be something they aren't.

Where is the true pizza?

It is here at Gatti's. We select every ingredient with the greatest care and uncompromising standards. That's why we insist on real cheese. Our dough is made fresh and by hand each and every day in our own kitchens. And our signature pizza sauce is a treasured recipe consistent for over 40 years.

You are fortunate, my friend. You have found the true pizza. You are ordering the life of the party.