Party Packages


Mr. Gatti's has 2 birthday packages from which to choose:

Our packages are for ages 12 and under and require a $35 deposit. They both include the following:

  • Buffet plus drinks
  • Private party room for 90 minutes
  • Free buffet coupon for each child for the next visit
  • Plates,cups and napkins
  • We do all the set up and clean up.

The Gold Package:

  • $149.99 for 8 children and 2 adults
  • $10 in gameroom play for each child
  • $15 in gameroom play for Birthday Child plus 300 tickets
  • Additional children are $14.99 each.
  • All prices are plus tax.

The Silver Package:

  • $112 .00 for 8 children
  • Balloons
  • Crayons and coloring mats
  • $8 in gameroom play for each child.
  • 10 in gameroom play for the Birthday Child plus 200 tickets.
  • Additional children are $13.99 each.
  • All prices are plus tax.

For all ages over 12 and those wishing to use our private rooms : Cost is $35 and a buffet purchase for everyone.

(Exception - churches, schools and civic organizations may use our rooms at no charge, just for cost of buffet)

Party Booking Information

  • Maximum capacity of party rooms: 22-100 guests
  • Due to the popularity of the parties, we ask that you respect our 1-1/2-hour time limit for the private party rooms, but encourage you to enjoy Gatti's Pizza for as long as you wish.
  • Additional room decorations are allowed; however we ask you not to affix decorations to the walls or bring confetti, silly string, or glitter to the party.
  • Group rates and coupons are not valid on Party Packages.
  • Party Host tips are appreciated!
  • All adults wishing to stay with their children will be required to pay our everyday low buffet admission upon entering


We look forward to seeing you. If you would like to book a party or have additional questions please contact us at: (864) 585-8897 or